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Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting! [Mar. 17th, 2010|03:35 pm]
Japan Fanlistings



Coffin Thrill: Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting

I've recently adopted this fanlisting, please join if you're a fan of Vampire Hunter D!

This fanlising includes everything related to the series – the novels, movies (OVAs) and manga. This fanlisting is also cross-listed in the categories Literature of The Fanlistings.org, Series and Movies/OVAs of AnimeFanlistings.org.

About Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D is a series of light novels written by the renowned horror novelist, Hideyuki Kikuchi. The series also has been turned to anime movies (OVAs), audio drama (drama CDs), manga, live action movie (upcoming) and anime series (upcoming). There are also short story collection, art books and guide books released.